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Prospective New Homeowners Parkland Homes at Addison Estates

On behalf of the Addison Homeowners Association (HOA), welcome to the Addison Estates Community web page.  This community started around 1994. For over 15 years, the community has been managed by a Board of Directors made of homeowners living in the community. This decision was made to save money to all homeowners by keeping our expenses at the lowest level. To date, our HOA dues are among the lowest in Coral Springs.


In June 2017, the Board decided to hire an outside accounting firm to manage our books while the Board of Directors will remain in charge of the daily management of the HOA business. Prestige Accounting and Bookkeeping Inc  ( ) is currently our Accounting firm. We also have a law firm on retainer for incidental legal matters.


The Addison Estates Board of Directors welcomes you and wish you luck as you begin to explore your interests in our community.


We, at Addison Estates, want to make your home search experience easy and rewarding. To assist you in your decision you have access to the various sections of this web page. We are confident the information provided will help you in your decision to take up residence, as an owner, here at Addison Estates.


 Living in a community association can be challenging, yet enjoyable. Knowledge of, and the acknowledgement that you are able and willing to comply with Association Rules and Regulations is a first step towards a successful connection to a managed community. To be successful, the Association needs the active participation and cooperation of all owners/residents. We will always welcome your inputs. In addition, any voluntary contribution of your time will assist in developing and maintaining the high standards and services that epitomizes a successfully managed community.


First, a new purchase application must be filled by any new owner. This application is filed with and processed by Prestige Accounting:

Helen Waddell

Prestige Accounting & Bookkeeping, Inc

1999 N. University Dr. Ste. 214 Coral Springs FL 33071

Tel: 954-653-8015


This application can be downloaded here then must be filled  and sent to Prestige Accounting processing. We would like this process to be completed prior to taking ownership of your new home at Addison Estates. The fee for this application is $250.00 and up.


An in-person interview  is required with Prestige Accounting before closing. There, you will receive all HOA documents including final inspection report regarding the house that you are buying. Any existing violation is the responsibility of the seller. However, if the new owner accepts to buy a home with existing violations, then the new owner accepts the liability and  will have only 30 days after closing to remove all the violations listed in the final inspection report. So, it is in the best interest of any buyer to fill the new purchase application and set up the interview prior to finalize their purchase.



Regular quarterly assessment dues are collected to fund the annual operating budget. They are normally collected from the Homeowner. Currently, the Addison Estates monthly CAM dues are set to $50 per month or $150.00 per quarter. These fees go toward the payment of essential services such as community and Directors insurance, common grounds maintenance, legal services, lighting costs, administrative costs, capital reserves, and any other item deemed necessary to successfully manage the property. Should you decide to purchase your home in Addison Estates you should receive a copy of the Addison Estates by-laws from the seller. You will also receive a  coupon book, covering the current operating year (which runs from 1 January to 31 December) to use when making your Quarterly assessment payments. Payments are due no later than the 10th of each month. 


Late fees will be assessed if payments are late. Any inquiry concerning your assessment account should be directed to Prestige Accounting and Bookkeeping Inc.


   Managed Community Association living is administered by a set of governing documents termed "Community Covenants" or by-laws. Note that you should receive a copy of that document at your closing. These documents detail various restrictions/prohibitions that you should become familiar with before you make your decision to purchase a home in Addison Estates. All rules and regulations affecting the community, along with local, state, and federal regulations, are important, and should be given the appropriate attention. We wish to particularly point out the limitations on making any exterior modifications to your home without prior written approval from the association.  Violations of this policy can and will result in the HOA taking appropriate action against the offending homeowner.


   If you plan to be an absentee owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that: you update your contact information to ensure an appropriate and active address/phone number is available for both routine and emergency communications. Please note that your Addison Estates address is NOT a valid mailing address if you are not living there. Failure to do so will result in fines assessed against the property until the issue is appropriately resolved. You must also ensure that your tenant and you agree who is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the exterior of your home, including lawn and garden care. Any questions on this matter, or the governing documents in general, should be addressed to the HOA Board of Directors. We encourage you to ensure your tenant has access to all community rules and regulations, in addition to any requirements you may have established.


Lastly, the Addison Estates HOA conducts all its general community communications via this Community webpage.  Once your move to Addison Estates is finalized, please take the time to review the webpage to receive our communications.  This webpage, and Board meetings are the only ways you will be made aware of community-wide issues and events. Individual homeowner issues (e.g., violations, penalties & fees, lien notices, etc.) will continue through the U.S. Postal Service, as required by law. This community webpage will be continually updated to keep you informed with community and local news. For correspondence via US mail, please use the following:


Helen Waddell

Prestige Accounting & Bookkeeping, Inc

1999 N. University Dr. Ste. 214 Coral Springs FL 33071

Tel: 954-653-8015


Board meetings dates are posted on this Web page and written board is posted in front of the community for date and location. 


 We hope that this correspondence has been helpful in your orientation to the Addison Estates Community. Ignorance of the by-laws is not an excuse for violations. When in doubt, consult the by-laws and/or contact the Board for guidance.


Should you choose Addison Estates, we look forward to your participation in, and enjoyment of, the community.

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