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Fee, CAM, Sales & Rental

Estoppel Letter: $250.00

Rush 3-day order: $300


If the Homeowner is delinquent on dues, an additional $150 will be charged.


Rental fees: $250.00 (one time fee to be paid by the homeowner)


New owner fee : $250 (one time fee to be paid by the new homeowner) and up


Late fees: $25 (after the 15th of the month)


Check returned fee: $35.00 per check

Making CAM Payments


CAM fees Change starting on Quarter 3

Payments are $150.00 per quarter starting 7-01-2017.

The increase is due to services have been increasing over the past few years. We have depleted our cash reserves and need to replenish it before we get hit with emergency expenses.


We will revisit the budget at the end of the year to see CAM fee can be decreased as the budget and cash reserves 
Payments are due on the first day of the quarter:  
(January, April, July and October)


If not paid by the 15th of the month, a one time late charge of  $25.00 for each quarter is due as well as interest at an annual rate of 18% may be charged.

Regardless of the homeowner’s request, per Section 720.3085(3)(b), Florida Statutes, all payments are applied to outstanding balances in the following order:

1)      1  Accrued interest;

2)      2  Administrative late fee(s);

3)      3  Fines and other charges;

4)      4  Costs;

5)      5  Reasonable attorneys’ collection fees incurred by the Association;

  • 6      6  Delinquent CAM and other assessments.


Coupons are mailed each year in June.  
Homeowners will receive four (4) coupons.

A new coupon book will be posted shortly with new CAM fees schedule !!!


Payment Methods

a) Drop payments to the Community Mailbox. (Don't forget to raise the flag)

b) Please make checks payable to:
Parkland  Homes at Addison Estates Homeowners Association, Inc.

Mailed to:

Prestige Accounting & Bookkeeping, Inc

1999 N. University Dr. Ste. 214 Coral Springs FL 33071

Tel: 954-653-8015

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